RangerBet: Revolutionizing Online Gaming with Blockchain Technology and our own Metaverse.

Welcome to RangerBet, an avant-garde project set to redefine the landscape of online gaming and betting through the power of blockchain. At the heart of our innovative ecosystem lies a unique Metaverse that will be a truly Las Vegas City, the paradise for players!


About Us

Central to our ecosystem is the $RBET token, a utility token designed to power all transactions and interactions within RangerBet. With $RBET, holders gain access to a multitude of utilities and benefits, including participation in staking, exclusive promotions, and access to premium features.

At RangerBet, we are committed to delivering a platform that is not only diverse and entertaining but also secure, transparent, and community-driven. Our mission is to create an ecosystem that resonates with the aspirations of our users, providing a space that is both innovative and trustworthy.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, setting new standards in the world of online gaming and betting. Explore the possibilities within our Metaverse, engage with our dynamic features, and experience the future of online entertainment with RangerBet.


Casino games

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Use your $RBET tokens to play on an advanced crypto casino with more than 600 games and sports bets

iconBetting Platform

Sports betting system with payments and winnings in cryptocurrencies

iconPassive Income NFTs

A world of Passive Income NFTs, where ownership unlocks a stream of recurring rewards in the form of BNB (Binance Coin)

iconToken $RBET

Explore the visionary tokenomics of $RBET on the Binance Smart Chain, where safety and community empowerment converge.


In the RangerBet metaverse, socialization transcends traditional boundaries. Players can communicate in open chat and interact in the world of the RangerBET metaverse

iconRace Car

Bet on a winning car to profit. RaceCAR is a casino that plays cars, horses, squirrels and other creative forms of betting

iconNFT Staking

Stake your NFTs to profit from them in a staking pool

Passive Income NFTs



🌐 Introduction

Explore the visionary tokenomics of $RBET on the Binance Smart Chain, where safety and community empowerment converge.

🌐 💰 Max Supply

Capped at 100 million $RBET.

📉📈 Transaction Tax

A 8% tax on both buying and selling transactions fuels a dynamic ecosystem, rewarding holders and contributing to sustained value appreciation.

🌊 Liquidity Boost

1% of the transaction tax is allocated to liquidity, enhancing stability and fostering a secure trading environment for $RBET.


Our Goals



Q1 2024

  • Social Media and Community Building
  • Token Launch Phases
  • Contract Audit
  • Listing on Major Platforms
  • Website Launch
  • Launch of Ranger Race
  • Launch of Online Casino
  • Listing on DigiFinex
  • Partnership with Industry Leaders
  • Launch of Staking Mechanism
  • Launch of Betting platform
  • Launch of Click-to-earn NFT Game

Q2 2024

  • Listing on OKX
  • Update Ranger Race
  • Global Marketing Campaign
  • Central Exchange (CEX) Listing
  • New Partnerships

Q3 2024

  • Integration of DeFi Features
  • Community-driven Initiatives
  • Launch of Ranger Pay
  • Launch of Ranger Spy Wallet

Q4 2024

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Expansion to New Markets
  • Launch of Governance Mechanism
  • Continued Innovation and Development

Frequently Asked

How to buy $RBET?

You can buy $RBET tokens via any DEX that works with Binance Smart chain. Link .

How to be part of Ranger Army?

To be part of our amazing army join our
official Telegram group: https://t.me/rangerbetonline

How much is the buy and sell Tax?

Our contract has a 8% buy and sell tax. 7% goes for the project and 1% for liquidity.

RangerBet Token is safe?

Sure! Our contract is audited and renounced. Feel free to check it: 0x2a5dA6B2E64148...dAaA330551e90